Man Wears Vulgar ‘F**k Trump’ Shirt to Texas Restaurant — It Goes Like You’d Expect

He wore a vulgar T-shirt about President Donald Trump, and he certainly paid for it.

Visiting a local restaurant over the weekend, Andy Ternay, a resident of Garland, Texas, donned a T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase, “F**k Trump And F**k You For Voting For Him,” on it.

Ternay said he was approached by the manager not long after he arrived at the eatery and he was asked to leave because there were children in the restaurant who might see his shirt. Though he was kicked out of the restaurant, the Texan man claimed he was met with glances of approval from black and Latino employees who appreciated his T-shirt’s message.

Ternay said white men “sneer” at him whenever he wears the shirt while minority men and women “smile and give me thumbs up.”

“I think it is very worthwhile to let people of color know they are not alone — that some whites also see the evil of racism is resurgent — and we will fight with our brothers and sisters of color against it,” he wrote.

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