Owl’s About To Get Bathed With Squirt Bottle, Has Internet Cracking Up With His Reaction To It

Have you ever gotten thirsty in the middle of taking a shower? Have you ever decided to take a bath while drinking a glass of water?

Technically it would be pretty convenient because there is water for you to drink from or to wash yourself off with.
A little owl name Curbie knows this, so he decided to fend off hydration by getting a drink and a bath at the same time. How freaking cute is this little squish? Apparently, his owner thought so too so he posted a video of this wise little bird online. “This owl named Curbie flew to his owner asked for something to drink. Curbie’s owner used a spray bottle to give him some water to drink,” the video’s caption reads. “Curbie then decided that he wanted to take a bath, so he spread his wings wide so that his owner could spray his feathers.”

He flies over to his mom from the couch and makes the cutest little owl noise ever, “Hoo Hoo.” His mom knows that Curbie saying that he’s thirsty so she holds a spray bottle to his mouth and gives him a squirt.

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